Due to delays created by the pandemic we have some spots open for re-castng in

“A Passage to Ireland”. This is the second musical revue written by Patrick Shepherd. The first
One – “A Wedding in Tuscany” won five Marquee Awards when it was performed three
years ago.
A Passage to Ireland is the tale of a young Irish mother, Bridey, after she has fled the famine in
her homeland and stared a new life in the north of England. We follow her journey with her new
family as they cross the Irish Sea and she leads them across Ireland to her home village in Mayo
after the famine has ended, on a journey of hope and discovery. Time frame is the late 1850s.
All individuals must be able to follow basic choreography direction.
Roles available are….

Moira Shaw – An outgoing young Irish wife and mother, also married to an Englishman, who
befriends Bridey on the crossing from Liverpool to Dublin. Moira is confident,
happy in her new life but very nervous about returning to Ireland.
Age range mid 20s to late 30s, Alto or Soprano.

James Powers – An Irish immigrant to England living in the north of England, he is a long
time friend and admirer of Sinead. He is a quiet, soft spoken but ‘salt of the earth’
type of man who is always willing to lend a helping hand.
Age range late 20s to late 40s, Tenor or Baritone.

Connor – Young Irishman in Dublin, boyfriend of Aileen. Lively, excitable, opinionated.
Age range 16 to 40s, clear tenor or high baritone.

Colleen – Irish girl in County Mayo, she’s a survivor of the Great Famine and is strong,
determined, warm hearted.
Age range 16 to 40s, Soprano or Alto.

Michael – Irishman in County Mayo, he’s a survivor of the Great Famine, considers
himself lucky to be alive and full of life and hope for the future.
Age range 16 to 40s, Tenor or Baritone.

Schedule a time slot for your audition on the online form.
Auditions will be held at the Hembling Music Studio in Fort Myers.
Auditions will be held on Saturday August 14th 12:00 noon to 3:00pm, if you are unable to
attend, then digital video submissions will be accepted.
Be prepared to sing 32 bars of a song which shows your voice range, preferably something
of a traditional type of song or a traditional Broadway song. Please bring accompaniment for
your song on your phone or on a CD.
You will be expected to cold read from the show, sides will be provided. If you have a short
monologue prepared you may also recite this if you wish.

Performances will be Fri, Sat and Sun October 8,9 10, 15, 16, 17.