July 17th & 18th located at Robin Dawn Dance Academy

244 Santa Barbara Blvd | Cape Coral

10am – 2pm

Please be prepared to sing 30 seconds of any song. You may use your phone for music. Please wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to dance. The audition will last approximately one hour.

There is no charge to be in this production.



Directed by Robin Dawn Ryan
Vocal Direction by Lisa Clark
Choreography by Robin Dawn Ryan


September 3rd 7:00 pm
September 4th 7:00 pm
September 5th 7:00 pm
September 10th 7:00pm
September 11th 7:00pm
September 12th 2:00pm
September 17th 7:00pm
September 18th 7:00pm
September 19th 2:00pm & 6pm

Ren Theo Rosso (understudy Lucas C)
Ariel Nayda Baez (understudy Sherry N)
Rusty Emma Kane (understudy Zaria B)
Willard Ben Herrera (understudy Andrew M)
Urleen Zaria Brown
Wendy Jo Sherry Niekamp
Chuck Lucas Campero
Bickle William Urban
Jeter Andrew Muench
Gavin Colin Smith
Travis Brian Dworkin
Cowboy Bob Aaron Martin
Cowboy Chet Andrew Muench
Dani Rebecca Porter
Lindsay Emily Kidd
Stevie Will Wright
Marty Mackenzie Thomas
Cowgirl Jude Camilla Motley

Reverend Shaw Parrish Danesh
Vi Shaw Jessica Long
Ethel Lisa Clark
Principal Clark Kristen Wilson
Coach Dunbar Chris Wilson
Betty Jennifer Porter (understudy Sherry N)
Eleanor Kristen Wilson
Cop Aaron Martin
Wes Aaron Martin
Lulu Marissa Wells (understudy Jennifer P)

Camilla Motley | Rebecca Porter | Kate Wilson | Nora Drake | Emily Kidd  | Mackenzie Thomas | Zoey Domingo | Ella Godfrey | Lyla Walker | Emily Feichthaler |
Nikita Danesh | Andrew Muench | William Urban | Will Wright | Brian Dworkin | Colin Smith | Lucas Campero