Written & Directed By: Joe Simonelli


June 29th 2:00pm – 3:00pm



Through a quirk of fate the bard is transported through time to the year 2014 where he lands outside the house of Gordon Coldridge, a struggling playwright with a pushy manager and an estranged girlfriend! Up against a deadline with writer’s block due to an ill fated romance? Who best to assist you than William Shakespeare.*****Shakespeare makes a curtain call! (Review) By Joe Franklin – Bloomberg RadioI’ve been around, going to and reviewing New York theatre for over sixty years and though I’m not old enough to have known William Shakespeare personally, after watching Joe Simonelli’s new romantic comedy, ‘Where there’s a Will’ , I feel like we’re old friends! The plot revolves around 21st century Staten Island playwright Gordon Coldridge, a moderately successful working playwright with a few published plays and some regional pro theatre under his belt, but still striving to get his big Broadway hit! As portrayed expertly and with ample angst by Tim Weinert, the moody and introspective scribe gambles too much and has trouble moving on from past relationships which seriously threatens his current relationship to his muse Cassandra. To add to the pressure, his overbearing manager Al, played by playwright Simonelli, who offers a solid character role performance, is after him to finish the play he is struggling with because they have already received a nice advance and the ‘publisher’s deadline is looming.’ Just when all seems lost who shows up to save the day but the ‘Bard’ himself, played effectively by British actor Mark Smith, offering advice and commenting on the modern accoutrements of the day. I’m not going to give away any plot points on how he got there or what happens to him, you’re just going to have to venture over to the American Actors Theatre on West 54th Street to see, and laugh, for yourself! The play is directed adeptly by veteran theatre maven Richmond Shepard. There are only four performances left unless they extend the run, try not to miss them!****What my literary agent said: “I represent such notable playwrights as NEIL SIMON, LARRY GELBART, and MART CROWLEY. I find Joe Simonelli to be in good company with his more famous counterparts.” – Gary DaSilva – literary agent

August 15th 7:00pm
August 16th 7:00pm
August 17th 2:00pm
August 18th 2:00pm
August 22nd 7:00pm
August 23rd 7:00pm
August 24th 2:00pm
August 25th 2:00pm
Character Breakdown: Gordon – A playwright | 40 Will – A playwright | 50 Al – An agent | 50-60 Cassandra |35-40

Audition - Where There's A Will

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